• Unit Scheme 01


Inspired by the understated luxur y that comes from stepping into a global first-class flight lounge, Azure takes design cues from the purity and freedom of soaring through clear and open skies. The delicate arc of an entrance canopy is distinctly reminiscent of the powerful sweep of an aeronautical wing. Vibrant blue accents draw your eyes skyward, focusing on 32 storeys of a gently curving glass façade meticulously designed by award-winning IBI Architects. Set your course for Azure and welcome home.

Azure at dusk
Azure during the day


Ones arrival at Azure reflects your pride of ownership as you are met by a cascading water feature that embraces the entrance to an elegant lobby lounge. A greeting from your dedicated concierge enhances the experience of a soothing and convenient lifestyle for which Azure is exclusively designed. This is what you have earned. This is what you deserve.